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Rachel von Goetz

Rachel von Goetz is a born and bred East Londoner; she grew up causing mischief at Hackney City Farm while her mum, Emily, taught the pottery classes. When she was 12 she became a core member of the farm’s volunteer team and later volunteered with London Youth before going on to become the volunteer PR & Media officer for UK Youth’s young people’s forum.

These early forays into social issues left a life-long mark and throughout her subsequent careers in management and consultancy she has strived to address social imbalances and injustices; from fairer wages to access to training programmes to affordable preventative health care there is always something to campaign for and work towards, to create a fairer and more peaceful society.

In 2013 Rachel was working on a knitwear commission for a runway show and suffered muscular injuries to both her arms which led to a long sabbatical while she re-learnt how to use her arms. Eventually that journey came to include yoga and Rachel quickly started volunteering at her local yoga studio (Stretch). After completing her first yoga training in 2015 with The Yoga People Rachel embarked on a variety of other trainings in order to be able to provide a full body service to her clients, including two massage courses with The School of Thai Yoga Massage.

Rachel believes in low cost affordable treatments and hates that such beneficial treatments are often only accessible to the rich or relatively well-to-do. She firmly believes in the healing power of massage and mindful movement and provides treatments at fixed low cost rates as well as on a donation basis.